hands revisited

Today I went with my friend Amelia and with Terry and we tried to put our plan (using a back light to get a silhouette) into action.  The models were a bit nervous but so so cooperative and gracious.

We took images mostly of men today which was different than the last time.

one of the men had a cast

another was in a wheelchair

we had a mother and child come for a photo

many of the people who were having their photos taken were unsure of the situation and so were very grateful for the black silk covering their face

a little fashion

This past week I helped a friend of my daughter take some fashion shots of a few dresses she has designed.  She is applying to first year university and these will be part of her portfolio.

Having looked at some fashion websites, it appeared that pure white backgrounds are pretty popular.  This has never been easy for me – in the past my white background have turned yellow and I get unwanted shadows.  i would definitely say the main reasons behind my problems have been improper use of  background lighting.

I ended up setting up a small background light and had 2 lights behind soft boxes in the front.  One was high and at a 45% tilt and the other was straight on.

I set up my camera and this young 17 year old did a great job!


Have been taking my camera out most days.  Already I am feeling more comfortable.  I am looking at day to day activities in a different light. Photo below taken at Pedder street and Queens road in Central

Photos taken from our roof top.  Very unusual to have such a beautiful blue sky.

I am involved in a charity project, the goal of which is to help interested asylum seekers develop a skill in photography.  Yesterday we took some shots of just hands.  For various reasons most of the asylum seekers are unwilling to have their faces photographed so we tried to portray them by photographing just their hands.  The following images are from our first attempt.  I have some ideas for subsequent shoots.  We will seat the subjects behind a black curtain and shine a light on their backs.  Hands will again be in front of curtain but hopefully we will get just a soft outline of the person’s figure in the background.

Seeing Central Hong Kong as a neighbourhood

  • Saturation – buildings, people, shopping, cars, taxis , buses,
  • Diversity – food establishments, shops, food markets, people, buildings
  • Construction everywhere everywhere everywhere
  • Vibrance, constant motion
Found a site of photos of Hong Kong.  Images of places, items that very recognizable.  Remembered that a single focus is more profound the inclusion of many items.  It is important to decide what is the main focus of the image, what is necessary to accomplish that intention, and what is superfluous.
website:  http://www.hongkongphotography.com/index.html