Took my camera for a walk again today.  I got one shot that i think really is very descriptive of Hong Kong.

Image includes  the paintings in an upscale art gallery with reflections of a hong kong taxi, a person walking fast, a bus, and buildings in the background – all of these are very hong kong.  Plus the art work depicts chinese women.

Day 2 – getting close to Halloween


Parts of Hong Kong central are wild around Halloween.  Lan Kwai Fong is a street which is very accustomed to costumes and the scene at Halloween is beyond crazy.  I would love to be able to get some shots that would really show the character of the is street this weekend but i am sceptical i will be able to accomplish that.  The street is just too crowded to take photos if you are part of it.

First post

Thoughts on what to include as a description of my neighbourhood.

Firstly, the neighbourhood is loosely designated as mid-levels, central hong kong.

This area, as with much of Hong Kong, is full of dichotomies, roadside vendors vs designer shops, open air markets vs office buildings, outdoor food vendors vs sophisticated restaurants.

It is a city in flux.  Construction is everywhere.

Images i would like to capture:

  • concrete jungle
  • hard working cleaning people – usually smiling
  • construction – include bamboo
  • crowds of people crossing the street
  • zoo and botanical gardens
  • fashion – billboard at Peder and Queen st.
Went down to Lan Kwai Fong to take shots of the Halloween decorations.  Had my 50mm lens on and though it wasn’t a bad choice.  Would have like to see the wide angle.  After an hour or so I was disappointed to discover that I had been shooting with no memory card.  Oh well, will try again tomorrow.
tried to get the Fringe club through some bamboo scaffolding.  I would have liked to see how these turned out.
went out early this afternoon and took shots of some of the workers working on our building and some of the buildings, trying to capture the look of the covered sections.  Just didn’t work.